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Audnedal municipality is an elongated inland municipality in the Lindesnes Region and lies centrally placed within the county of Vest-Agder. It is located in the valley of Audnedal and running through it is the river Audna, Norway's first fully limed waterway now supporting a healthy salmon and trout population.

The municipality has traditionally been an agricultural community with the majority of employment in agriculture and forestry and by extension the timber, carpentry, building and construction trades. Most of the municipality's residents live in the hamlets of Konsmo and Byremo, and here you will find the majority of the municipality's services and shopping facilities.

Audnedal is a municipality in growth and development. As such they have set themselves a goal of increasing the inhabitant population to 2020 by the year 2020. At present the population is 1725 (june 2013). If you would like to help us reach this goal by moving to our beautiful and peaceful municipality, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Here are some key facts about Audnedal:

• 251 km² in size - this means approximately 7 inhabitants per km².

• 4.6% of the municipality's inhabitants are foreign nationals or norwegian with foreign parents. 

• The unemployment percentage in Audnedal is very low – only 1.3% compared to the national average of 2.5%.

• Running through Audnedal you will find the main train route from Stavanger to Kristiansand and further on to Oslo. From here you can travel to and from Kristiansand in 40 minutes or to Stavanger in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Travel time to Oslo via Kristiansand is approximately 6 hours.

• Passing through nearly the entire length of Audnedal is the regional road: 460. Here are some approximate travel times from Konsmo / Byremo to surrounding destinations:

o Mandal: 34 mins/ 50 mins

o Kristiansand: 48 mins / 1 hour

o Kjevik: 58 mins / 1 hour

o Lyngdal: 27 mins / 40 mins

o Stavanger: 2 hours and 40 mins / 2 hours and 55 mins

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