Recreational area Ytre Øydnevann

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phoca thumb l stranda-sundet-2011-nettIt is a beautiful and scenic recreation area with beaches, nature trails, shelters, fishing pier, launching place for boats, canoes and boats for hire and various activities. This site is equipped with parking, toilet facilities and access to water for the motion-disabled.

Use of fire in outdoor area
Outdoor area has organized bonfire / barbecue places. In these you can use wood or charcoal. Bonfire outside the designated areas
and use of disposable barbecues are prohibited.

Motorboat traffic in the swimming area is prohibited.

Use marked trash cans or take your litter home after visits.

Camping prohibited on the beach.

Show consideration
Buildings, equipment and other facilities in the recreation area is made to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
We hope everyone has the privilege of taking advantage of the opportunities the area provides. We ask visitors to show respect
for each other and follow the rules of use apply.